My Background
Guild of Television Cameramen

Society of Television Lighting Directors

I worked for the BBC for 21 years, first as a camera assistant, then
as a cameraman, before leaving as a Senior Cameraman to start
a new and exciting life as a Freelance Lighting Cameraman.

Iíve worked on every type of TV programme in studios and on
location. Iíve gained invaluable experience by working with many great artists and directors. I also learnt much by working with well known and respected cameramen, Ron Green, Jim Atkinson.

Great actors such as Edward Fox, Colin Blakely, Sir Ralph Richardson, David Jason and performers such as Les Dawson, Bob Monkhouse

Directors, Phillip Saville, Jonathan Miller

I have used a very wide range of equipment, RED camera system, Sony HDW 750P, Thomson's, Ikegamis and lightweight digital cameras, Sony DSR 450, DVCam, Sony EX3 and the Panasonic AG F101.

Iíve used a large range of equipment from peds to pythons, techno to tracking dollies.

I now spend my working time as a Lighting Director, Lighting Cameraman, Cameraman, either in a studio, on location or on an OB. I also make tea, move scenery and sweep up!

I also lecture and run training courses.

Because of my great experience and skills I easily change from planning large lighting rigs, as a Lighting Director, being Camera Supervisor on a multi-camera shoot to operating a Z7. I enjoy it all!