I started my TV career at the BBC as a trainee cameraman. At that time cables, called G101, were about 1.5 inches in diameter and the cameras were EMI 2001s. They were often called 'the cameraman’s camera'. But they were very large and required 4 people to carry them! They were replaced by the smaller Link 125 cameras which were.... alot lighter and had thinner cables called TV36 because they had 36 core's of wire in them.

Being a BBC cameraman then was quite exciting. One day I would be working on Blue Peter, the next Top of the Pops, and the following day Dr. Who.

By the time I left the BBC I was a senior cameraman responsible for my camera crew. This meant I had to 'crew up' at the beginning of each day, that is deciding who operated what camera. This was sometimes the most difficult part of the day. I had to make sure that the person operating a particular camera had the necessary skills for that camera. Not all cameras had the same complexity of shots. As a camera supervisor I also liaised with the Director and other production personal. It was also important that the crew worked together as a team producing the same great pictures and that they were best ones for the show.

Training at the BBC was the best training one could get.

Since going freelance this training had been invaluable.

I very much enjoy working with a camera crew either in a studio or on an Outside Broadcast. Rigging and de-rigging can often be hard dirty work and uncomfortable especially if it's cold or wet. A rig always has to be done properly and safely making sure that the crew is ready for the rehearsal and TX. I always say during a rig " don't forget the de-rig!" as the quicker it gets done the quicker we can get to the bar!.

I have used a wide range of camera mounts and lenses. From peds to pythons and very narrow to very wide lenses. You can't beat a good bit of glass!

I have worked on many productions including:

Children’s Programmes
  • Tweenies
  • Fimbles
  • Eastenders
  • The Chief
  • Noel’s House Party
  • Paul Daniels
Game Shows
  • Every Second Counts
  • Generation Game
Music Programmes
  • Rip Curl Festival
  • Loud Rock Bands to LSO, Top of the Pops
  • Magazine Shows
  • Tomorrows World
  • The Time and the Place
  • Kilroy
  • Current Affairs
  • News Night
  • On the Record
Sports Programmes
  • On cold pitches, in warm studios
  • and on wet race courses
  • 2.4 Children
  • Lee & Herring’s
  • This Morning With Richard Not Judy
  • Only Fools and Horses
Special Events
  • D Day Landings
  • New Years Eve 2000
  • V.E. Celebrations
  • Queen Mothers Funeral