I’ve worked on so many programmes for Broadcast Television, Corporate Television and Videos I could not possible list them all, but here are a few examples:

Children’s Programmes
  • Tweenies
  • Fimbles
  • Eastenders
  • The Chief
  • Family Affairs
  • Noel’s House Party
  • Paul Daniels
Game Shows
  • Every Second Counts
  • Generation Game
Music Programmes
  • Rip Curl Festival
  • Loud Rock Bands to LSO, Top of the Pops
Magazine Shows
  • Tomorrows World
  • The Time and the Place
  • Kilroy
Current Affairs
  • News Night
  • On the Record
Sports Programmes
  • On cold pitches, in warm studios
  • and on wet race courses
  • 2.4 Children
  • Lee & Herring’s
  • This Morning With Richard Not Judy
  • Only Fools and Horses
Special Events
  • D Day Landings
  • New Years Eve 2000
  • V.E. Celebrations
  • Queen Mothers Funeral
  • The Union
  • The Culture of Cod
  • BBC, NHK, Channel 7, BSkyB, NBC, ITN
I could go on, but I hope this has given you some idea of my experience!

As a camera supervisor I have had responsibility for the crew, booking other cameramen, crewing up and liaising between the crew and other members of the production team.

I am often asked by the director to help in the planning of the production, and if necessary I book equipment and other production personnel.

My work has been seen on many videos and the following TV networks:

Anglia, BBC, BSkyB, Channel 4, Channel 5, GMTV, ITV, Legal Network TV, Meridian, MTV, MBC, QVC, SSVC, NBC, Nickelodeon, NOW and Westcountry.

Some things people have said about me:

‘The quality of the finished programme was so good... The lighting looked great’.
Terry Williams

‘Brilliant stuff, and fun too. Come again’
Graham Hurley

‘Thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting the eye lines right’
Peter Mercer

‘You’re my favourite Lighting Cameraman, you make me look so nice’
Valerie Singleton

‘That was the most difficult shot in the play and you made it work really well’
Philip Saville
Drama Producer

‘The programme was impressive, in particular for it's strong visual style. Thank you for your input, which was much appreciated’
David Nelson

‘I am looking forward to working with you again’
Iain Lauchlan

'I wanted to say thanks very much. I wanted to say this sooner but we have been busy here! Anyway, I'm sure you've seen and heard all the good reaction to the debate – and the lighting and quality of the picture was a massive part of the success.'
Jon Bennett
Head of Studio Output, Sky News