Lighting Cameraman
Working as a Lighting Cameraman is exciting as well as challenging. Having to do the lighting and operate the camera can be quite pressurised but rewarding. Sometimes I work as a D.o.P and not operate but for others I do both jobs and if the budget can afford it with sparks as well. This a much better way of working.!

I use to work mainly with DigiBeta but now it's a mixture of DVcam and HD.

As a Lighting Cameraman I have worked for many clients:
  • BBC
  • BMW
  • Dunlop
  • Custom and Excise
  • Cover Girl
  • Channel 4
  • Ford Motors
  • ITV
  • John Lewis
  • Alliance and Liecester Building Society
  • Microsoft
  • N.H.S
  • Oil of Olay
  • Nike
  • Jaguar Cars
  • Western Trains
  • World Health Organising
Also I have made various Documentaries:
  • The Union
  • Culture of Cod
  • The Orphanage in Moscow
Magazine shows:
  • Watchdog
  • Film Challenge
  • It will never work
And Dramas:
  • Blue
  • Guidance
  • Stress is no Picnic
  • Sex Matters
  • Peter Andre Album Launch Party