Lighting Director
'Many thanks for last night's lighting in Sheffield. Everyone was full of praise for the look of the room, and it certainly fulfilled my expectations! I really loved the way you dealt with the various machines and also the ideas you had for the furnace and fan gobo. They worked really well.'
Barton Macfarlane
Lead Director, Newsnight
BBC Television Centre

I work both in studios and locations, on some occasions using only a small lighting kit but on others with a sparks crew, generator, 12k’s etc.

I also operate various lighting control desks, Gemini, Genius and 520. I some times also line-up and 'rac' the cameras.

Most productions I work on are now in HD.

  • Toshiba Printers for The Producers
  • Mandeer Indian Foods for Marshall Advertising.
  • Wonker Chocolate Bars for Nestle.
  • Children’s New Summer Outfits. for Marks and Spencer.
  • What is HD? for Panasonic.
Television Programmes...
  • Eldorado, BBC
  • Football First, Sky Sports
  • Sky Arts Shows
  • Champions, Meridian (13 half-hour location game shows)
  • London Mayor Election Special. Sky News
  • BBC World .Debate Programmes.
  • Live and Dangerous, Sunset and Vine, Channel 5
  • Time and the Place, Anglia
  • N-List, MTV
  • Sky News Election Debate
Two award winning Dramas
  • Stress is no Picnic, PMA Productions
  • AIDS PTC for Hygia Productions